Friday, 24 August 2012

Fat Burning Foods.

Fat burning foods sounds about as likely as screwing to become a virgin, but someone somewhere will believe anything it seems.

Grapefruit and Watermelon -very tasty, but full of sugar, which is something the body converts to fat to store -apparently this is not as well known as I thought.

Berries -sugar again. Berries are something birds eat to fatten up for winter. Silly birds would apparently put the pounds on if they left off on the berries.

Celery famously uses more calories to eat raw than it contains, but 75% of the world's population hate the taste. Putting celery in a meal without finding out if the person it is intended for is one of the majority makes you a very bad host. With so much of the world hungry should we grow something that has little food value and most of the world hates anyway?

Greek Yogurt. Just Greek Yogurt apparently, not any other yogurt, but it doesn't have to be low-fat Greek yogurt. (most low fat yogurts have lots of sugar in instead so are still high calorie).

Eggs. Yup, nothing remotely fatty about them, obviously fat burners.

Fish. Fish never has any oil or fat in it at all. That is why Eskimos are so skinny.

Green Tea, Coffee and Water. Not sure about fat-burning, but probably low in fat and sugar. Unless you go for the double cream with syrup.

Quinola and Oatmeal. These are seeds and grains, yet another thing birds eat to get fat.

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