Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kama twirling

            Distant decades ago, eager for knowledge of martial arts I brought a set of four books in a deal by a mail order company. Three of them on Chin-na and Shuriken I still have on my shelf. The forth was called “Kusari-gama” and was not as expected.

           Rather than being about the weight and chain weapon familiar to me it was about twirling Kama by means of a butt-loop, rebounding it from the shoulders, ribs and thighs. I couldn't see how you ensured the blades arrrived point first, but did think it might have been an interesting thing to try with a nightstick. The book now goes for a hefty amount of money, and if I recall it was one of those publications rich on photos but thin on information.
           Here is a video I found of some of these techniques.