Monday, 8 December 2014

Goodbye to two longtime travelling companions.

            Many years ago I purchased a pair of boots from a shop in Camden called “Outdoor Emporium”. They were a pair of black Hi-tech Magnums and according to the label inside they had been constructed in Vietnam in 1999. They were an interesting design since they were rather like Vietnam Jungle boots in design. The bottom section of them was leather while the upper part was bulked nylon. The cuff of the boot had a suede-like material. I don’t recall exactly when I brought the boots, but it would have been before the old Wembley stadium was demolished in 2003. I had originally met the proprietor of Outdoor Emporium at Wembley market and had ended up helping on his stall, so I can recall I had a good view of the famous twin towers of the old stadium.

            Initially I only wore the boots occasionally. My podiatrist one day advised me that given the problems with my feet and ankles I should wear something with more ankle support so I then began to wear the Hi-tech Magnums all of the time. These boots are around fifteen years old. They have been worn constantly for at least eight years and perhaps as much as thirteen or fourteen years. The soles show a little wear but still have good tread on them after countless miles of London pavement. Finally a crack in the leather upper is beginning to go all the way through so in January I will buy a new pair. It is quite possible that they would have lasted me a few years more if I had been a little more diligent with polishing them more often.

            I am pleased to see that these boots still seem to be in production. Hopefully my new pair will enjoy a similar lease of life.
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