Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Handy Light

            I have been known to follow my own advice occasionally, so yesterday I went looking for a new external hard drive. I have a couple of 320GB examples, but since my laptop is 1000GB a bigger model seemed a sensible investment. It would also give me a chance to rearrange the files in both my main computer and back-up drives so it would be easier to find things.

While I was paying for my selection I noticed a rack of torches and this model caught my eye.

            It may not be apparent from the photo but this model has a subtle “coke-bottle waist” styling that was very attractive. I also promised to provide a secure grip. The base of the torch had a rubber press button switch, allowing it to be easily turned on and off without fiddling with a twist bevel, as is often the case with torches this size. I like easy one hand operation. It was time for the acid test. I closed my hand on it and it disappeared. Too short, even for the girlfriend’s hands! Just 20mm longer and it would have been a very nice item.

            I notice they have another budget aluminium torch. It looks a shade longer and costs less.  I may have to investigate that.