Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kama twirling

            Distant decades ago, eager for knowledge of martial arts I brought a set of four books in a deal by a mail order company. Three of them on Chin-na and Shuriken I still have on my shelf. The forth was called “Kusari-gama” and was not as expected.

           Rather than being about the weight and chain weapon familiar to me it was about twirling Kama by means of a butt-loop, rebounding it from the shoulders, ribs and thighs. I couldn't see how you ensured the blades arrrived point first, but did think it might have been an interesting thing to try with a nightstick. The book now goes for a hefty amount of money, and if I recall it was one of those publications rich on photos but thin on information.
           Here is a video I found of some of these techniques.

Fight against Junk!

            Changing my homepage from what I wanted it to be is not going to make me try your product. Quite the opposite.

            Trying to installing Google Chrome and Toolbar when I update something else will not encourage me to use it.

            I never buy anything from an unsolicited email. I do not buy anything from cold callers on principle. I encourage everyone reading to do the same and perhaps this whole obnoxious industry will wither and die.

            Sending me junk mail will not achieve anything positive. You are just wasting trees. Sending me a pension plan for the over-50s when I was only 43 ensures that I will never, ever deal with that company (Sun Life), ever! Junk mail with prepaid envelopes does offer some amusement. If you send them back the company has to pay, I believe. Stuff your prepaid envelope with any other junk mail you got. I am sure the man trying to sell you overpriced aluminium windows needs a pension plan.