Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Grand Theft Autocracy


            This weekend I was reading a short story and came across this passage:

"Society," mused Jadiver. "I always did think it was better to rob the rich ... like Robin Hood."

"Sure," Burlingame said.

Jadiver tilted the glass. "Especially since the poor don't have much money."

"That has something to do with it," Burlingame cheerfully agreed.

Cobber broke in. He was a little gnarled man, older than the others. "A point, Jadiver. The poor don't have much money, but there's so many more of them. You can actually be more successful robbing them. But you have to keep at it every day in the year, and then you don't call it robbery; you say you're governing them."

            Yesterday, a friend sent me this interesting article which nicely echoes the above sentiment.

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