Thursday, 25 October 2012

Praying Mantis Video

            A rather nice video on some Praying Mantis techniques.

            The Mantis Hook and Pluck technique are both covered in my book, along with other principles seen here. The one modification I would make here is to use a palm-heel strike rather than a closed fist punch to follow the elbow pluck (Tsai). Heads are hard and boney and better attacked with a palm-heel rather than a fist.


            Caught the movie Ong-Bak last night. I know it has been out nearly a decade, but I’d not seen it before. Very entertaining and well worth a watch if you enjoy a well done action movie.


Early morning exercise.

            Today will be a long day. Had to be in to work early, will be staying late, and will be in early again tomorrow. The mornings are getting colder and darker, so getting out of bed and doing some exercise before leaving for work is a test of will-power. Will-power is a crucial element in getting fitter and is something you develop along with your muscles, so not only did I manage to squeeze some exercising in this morning, but I added a bit more.

            My recent cold and needing to eat more has undone most of the progress I had made on reducing the waistline so this morning I tried an exercise I don’t think I have attempted since I was a schoolboy :- touching my toes! Much to my surprise I could do a most acceptable toe touch without any noticeable knee bend. I went on to do a full set of thirty so I guess my gut is not as big a problem as I feared.

            On a hard day like today such minor accomplishments are to be savoured!