Monday, 10 September 2012

Swords at home.

                                Another interesting passage from Marc MacYoung:

            For obvious reasons this reminded me of the passage in Robert Heinlein’s “Glory Road”, chapter 15:-
“A properly balanced sword is the most versatile weapon for close quarters ever devised. Pistols and guns are all offense, no defense; close on him fast and a man with a gun can’t shoot, he has to stop you before you reach him. Close on a man carrying a blade and you’ll be spitted like a roast pigeon—unless you have a blade and can use it better than he can.
A sword never jams, never has to be reloaded, is always ready. Its worst shortcoming is that it takes great skill and patient, loving practice to gain that skill; it can’t be taught to raw recruits in weeks, nor even months.
But most of all (and this was the real reason) to grasp the Lady Vivamus and feel her eagerness to bite gave me courage in a spot where I was scared spitless.”
            Marc expands further on his rationale for this idea, and I will refer you to the book “Cheap Shots, Ambushes, And Other Lessons”, which is well worth reading for numerous other reasons.
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