Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Handcuff, Duct tape and Zip tie Escapes.


            Just a quick post today, but one I think some of you will find interesting. Apparently various DIY stores are expecting a run on cable ties due to the release of the movie version of "Fifty Shades of Grey". This information may prove more practical for some of you than I expected!


            I’ll admit I have not tried this out personally yet!
Here is a nice video that also included cable ties and handcuffs.

            Apparently the same method works on a single cable tie.

              This guy is evidently unfamiliar with knots. Given that you may have to do this in the dark I would advise simple overhand loops rather than Bowlines.


            Obviously, the comments about books in the second video were joking. Books are awesome, especially mine, so buy them! (Please)

 The Books